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Hi aka.leafa,

Well - that was a cool email response, and I got a lot of out it, in fact a lot more than (suppozed) academic discourse, some of it anyway - one cannot diss everyone...

I laughed to myself, when you expounded obout whether you were trying to be a clever 'art wanker', I'd say that everyone has a touch of that dwindling/smouldering in them, and I would not exclude myself from such an activity - it's all part of learning what one's own delsusions (self-truths) are - and I am only just begining to understand that trying yo impress others - really is not where it is at. Academia, with (protective/selective) language protocols, can hide varied ignorance, disguising of over-laiden jargen and references sometimes...

every now and then - there is a gap, a space for the potential of authentity - and this one of them :-)

much respect


We Can Make Our Own Worldz.....

Talofa Marc
yeah...what did I mean by academic?
I guess I locate myself at the margins so I am always careful to not assume that every one is out to swamp me or make me feel like I am less than.
I say that because that is precisely my experience so I completely concur with you. Yes I believe that discussions can and do become exclusive ( and yes it does seem like the intellectual nod of acceptance)which is probably why I remain largely in the realm of the lurker and read the archives to 'keep up' with some of the conversations posted on Empyre.
My problem lies in that I am trying to be less 'angsty' or reactive to the fact that some people are really comfortable with language and constructs that remain exclusive of OTHER and in doing so I feel like I am in a position of owning my own power and ability to assume my own location in any conversation... so although I may have sounded like I was trying to be a clever art wanker, it is really that I am a frustrated black artist in the margins of a Western art construct and trying to be as forgiving or not as closed as the Western canon appears to be to me.

cher cher bo! leafa //\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\

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Hi aka.leafa and 'Academic' list users,
I disagree with your notion that, this list needs to be a "place where academic rigour is maintained to a degree". On or in, what terms do you mean academic?
If feel that 'academia' isolates other people who would wish to be involved in such debates. There is a big difference between intellectual argument and academic argument. Academic argument comes from a place of culturalized reference, high art, high science, or accepted and (supposed) informed knowledge that has been institutionally accepted. This means that if you use an academic argument, you are more likely to be agreed with by those who value such structures and theories. Because they instantly understand the triggers, signifiers being inferred. Thus, an immediate rapport occurs, a kind of mental handshake and recognition that one has equally gone through the same learning processes. This is of course a positive experience for those who wish to have their so called educational references re-affirmed, but it serves no solution to solve the issue or crux, that 'Academia' only serves the few.

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