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I see by your website that you are a poet, a creative writer, and that you take words very seriously. Therefore, I will not take your message as a threat. It is just some kind association of words. But, in this day -- we must honestly question all kinds of 'kill' and 'die' references, don't you agree?

So, talking about 'topic' here -- I'm not talking about Gestapo tactics, or of kicking off people fromt he list, etc. etc. I'm talking about working together as a group of like minded people to discuss a topic. Not use the list as a personal sound-off and ignore the main focus. That is what distinguishes empyre -- it's focus on topics. We don't all participate in every conversation, because it might not concern our personal interests, but we may have a question from time to time, and deserve an appropriate and thoughtful answer. Not some quip reply. When we do engage (which we find out here that many never do), we hope to get to really interesting new ideas -- through the process of the list discussion.

It is terribly difficult to follow the threads in the best of circumstances. And, for sure, many of us are on many lists (and we might get confused about who we are talking to from time to time -- I'm being kind here). We are all human after all.

So, let's talk LISTS! They concern me, and many others. Why do we subsribe to them, what do we want from these discussions (information, ideas, contact, collaborative thinking, promotion???). How much interaction do you feel from the various lists you subscribe to? Is there a great deal of cross-posting? Are some of the same people on several lists? (I personally find this quite seems more than just circumstantial).

OK David, let's try to discuss something, and not make disturbing proclamations about life and death that can easily be misunderstood. That's how friends communicate.

Warmly, Kathy

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Dear Kathy,

I liked your comments very much. Yes: We must all "find(ing) some kind of
deep kindness, and true interest in what a wider view might be."

 I only add that in my experience 'Off  Topic' always leads to LIFE.
Staying 'On Topic' kills. When we are dead we can stay 'On Topic'

Your Friend,

David _______________________________________________ empyre forum

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