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hi again charlotte + other m.pyrians.

At 11:30 PM 29/08/2004, you wrote:
And picking up on some of Kathy's points, I wonder if the meaning, is
'off-list'? I don't mean this in an entirely defeatist sense, but many of
the best responses I have received during my stint on Empyre have been

i don't think this is isolated 2 ur own [individuated] experience charlotte + i don't think that its a defeatist response at all....purr.sonally i would hesitate 2 rank/measure response loadings via a potentially polarising assessment [ie best-worst] but thats just me....i do agree with the idea that the "correspondance-behind-the-mailing-list-board" is as equally as m.portant as the actuated responses onlist.

Kathy has expressed a dislike for personal conversations that take up
valuable list space, which I understand, but what might go unacknowledged is
that when these conversations do continue, albeit off-list, they can be
greatly beneficial.

i find kathys viewpoint highly problematic, in that it tends 2 view the "LIST" [as she puts it, in caps, perhaps 2 indicate some type of hi-low distinction? kathy, thoughts on this?] in a somewot x.clusivist lite.......that "true" [or valuable] list interactions r those designated public fodder, that r streamlined in terms of content optimised 4 public scrutiny or based on a isolated thematic that [obviously] fits with each monthly topic base...

.....having trawled thru [and muddied about in] many + various list forums in varying capacities i have formed a very different view of successful [+ hence, manageable + adaptable/changeable + growth oriented as opposed 2 print-based//dialogically emulating] email lists.....

my POV :
- celebrates the cross-ova of identity voicings onlist[s].
- seeks 2 n.courage a dynamic that accounts 4 all lvls + stratifications of interactional directions + manifestations.
- conceptualises successful, open, thriving lists as opposed 2 mandating mono-directional, closed-topic-response-based communication stylistics.
- worries ova the need 2 lock-down posts in2 stratified, rigid medi[a]ums that must be tamed/groomed/directed along a theoretical+regulated discussion+dialogically-slick axis.
- is puzzled by cost-benefit analyses/approaches/stratagems in relation 2 forums that could encourage holistic, open-ended, multifarious interchanges that blast apart notions such as "public" + "private".


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