[-empyre-] thankyou Metacreation and alife artists

-empyre - wishes to thank our guests this month  - writer and researcher Dr
Mitchell Whitelaw  (AU), author of "Metacreation: Art and Artificial Life"
(MIT Press),  who was joined by eminent a-life practitioners Paul Brown
Mauro Annunziato (IT),  Ken Rinaldo (US), and Maria Verstappen (NL).

The month covered an incredible diversity of from and process,  dipping into
such issues surrounding the creative practice of a.life art  as authorship,
sublimity,  software art , poetics, self modification, intimacy  and
emergence. Our guests have  shown great generosity in time and spirit, and
its has been a pleasure to be witness to their  sharing of their thoughts
and arts works. The discussions have left a dense web of  ideas, artworks,
links and texts  which will provide a rich reference point in the future.

Remembering  that are not separate from the other living systems that
surround us, thank you  too to all at -empyre- who have posted  and
commented  and made this month so enjoyable..

And serendipitously the last few posts on intimacy leads us very neatly into
next months discussion on themes of synesthesia and other sense experiences
relating to the convergence of vision, sound and pre-aware cognition.

stay aware.. not alarmed ! (my apologies.. that's a joke for Australians

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