[-empyre-] farewell Felix!

All of  us at -empyre- wish to thank our fabulous departing facilitator
Felix Sattler who has been with us for 18 months  or so  whilst living
between Australia and  Germany. Felix is now back in Germany  and perusing
more Fine Arts pathways in his practice.

Felix brought to -empyre- such great months as " +open source to open art+",
discussing the  implications, limitations and choices in an open source
approach to collaborative artistic practice; and "webcasts/Net.radio -
Slip.stream of the Net"  exploring Brecht's dream of  democracy in
broadcasting, and   how  net.radio affects media activism, tactical media
and open source research.

Behind the scenes  Felix contributed greatly to the integrity of our
facilitators discussions, especially the ethics of  list moderation,
prompting some very  productive discussion and clarification of moderation
standards relative to open source ideals and ideology.

Felix we will miss you!

 -empyre- facilitators ...
Michael , Melinda, Jim, Christina.

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