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The most reductive way to put it would be to argue that the two are not
analogous to one another.  

My understanding is that although there is a processing involved, but we
could discuss the definition of information, processing, etc., and the
nature of cognition vs. data processing (i.e. digital computation).  I
feel that the processes are so fundamentally different, that to make
analogues between the two is problematic at best.

Part of my argument is that if one has a hammer, everything looks like a
nail.  We use computers now, and my contention is that much looks like
data to us.

A question back: can there be a thing such as
non-qualitative/non-discrete computing?  I used to program analog
computers, but I am thinking about qualitative computing, but not
analog.  Consider that I might be suggesting a complete break with
silicon computing here.  It might be an application for biocomputing.

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hi patrick,

what does it mean to say "human thought... is not akin to digital
computation at all."


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