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> hello,

I have held a fascination with synesthesia for many years after reading
accounts of it from the perspective of nueroscience and a multiple firing
of sensory association ..............names remembered as
colors.......taste as shape variation etc...........

it also was part of an art movement in the 19th century with piano and
harpsichord concerts played with lamps and paper filters..........

.low end of piano in once concert= blue

middle= red

high=  yellow

it was a metaphorical relationship............

low notes are rich, broad as ocean and tides....

mid range more bright yet heavy.......the traditional chord changes of
melody to convey emotion

yellow as high end flourishes.......brighter.........beautifully more

and color is perecptually subjective to an extent.........."red" is a
linguistic concept prescribed ..............information is processed
intuitively and or instictually on a certain level being charted and
mapped in brain function analysis

ex: 5 yrs ago the mapping of an animals intuitive analysis of a sequence
in thought ( the sequence that up to that point had triggered a tasty
concentrated juice treat after moving an object )   and instantaneously
the sequence as mapped was sent to a robotic arm in the next room which
did exactly what would have triggered the reward......this was then sent
over the internet to a lab at mit where another arm did exactly the same

it is fascinating  how scientists years ago found sight to be partially  a
linguistic fairly recent laser related eye surgeries
were regaining sight in people long legally blind......

they first saw the world as a flat plane

colors...........all one "objects'   no  "things'

they had to learn the name and meaning.........then perspective processed
depth and separate  shapes..........

so even sight is a connection between basic
information.......interface.......processing........a sense of dual
processing in the sense it is then processed
raw.......danger........etc......and overlaid with symbolic content in a
sense   "rose"     "fire"    "wet paint"

enjoying this discussion,

jeremy hight

Good morning all,
> I'm working right now on a research project concerned with synesthesia,
> hence my interest in the topic.
> I thought I'd start the discussion by posting a couple of ideas which have
> come to mind recently.
> Computationalism, the view that mental states are computational
> states?solely abstract and syntactic, neglects real-time, real-world
> constraints such as embodiment, interaction, physics, and semantics.
> Computationalism will always be in the process of revision because it is
> technology based and therefore always changes. The concepts 'red?, the
> ?sound of a bell? are abstractions - essentially information. They are not
> tied to exact neurons, just as a variable in a program need not be tied to
> a particular physical memory location (virtual addressing, virtual memory,
> cache, CPU registers etc). Information exists, but has no physical
> presence in itself. Information can only exist in a practical sense,
> however, if there is (at least) one representation of it in (at least) one
> medium physically. But that representation does not need any independent
> labelling with meaning - it can simply be an abstract symbol, whose
> meaning is entirely defined by its functional consequences.
> Bill and jackbackrack will have a different perspective, perhaps, coming
> from the fields of AI and robotics; what do you think?
> Nancy
> BTW, if you want more info about my project, check out:
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