RE: [-empyre-] form constants

> I'm also very interested in Kluver's subdivision of hallucination
> patterns into four classes, called "form constants",
> This research, based in the field of psychopharmacology and the
> subjective visions of those undergoing altered states of
> consciousness induced by psychoactive drugs such as LSD. Subjects
> report seeing geometric forms in their hallucinations - and there
> are clear and obvious  commonalities between such forms
> irrespective of the particular psychoactive drug involved, so
> they are termed "form constants".
> The four basic geometric forms:
> - tunnel
> - spiral
> - cobweb
> - lattice (grid)

Very interesting. Does s/he offer any explanation of why these are 'form
constants'? I would expect that the physiology of the eye would be important
here (as well as the mind).


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