RE: [-empyre-] form constants

I'd assumed these forms are types of mental patterns
(methods of visually organzing/linking data)

I suppose the eye phys must play a role but..

Although its been a while, my "user" experience was
more that my mind was doing the work. Other data,
theories, sounds, words and objects all grooved into
nice spirally, tunnelinsquishtic, latticetial,
cobwebanitted patterns.



> > they are termed "form constants".
> >
> > The four basic geometric forms:
> > - tunnel
> > - spiral
> > - cobweb
> > - lattice (grid)
> Very interesting. Does s/he offer any explanation of
> why these are 'form
> constants'? I would expect that the physiology of
> the eye would be important
> here (as well as the mind).


    The reality of the building does not 
    consist in the four walls and roof but
    in the space within to be lived.

    - Laotzu

      well, Laotzu said it but I did it.

    - Frank Lloyd Wright, after learning
      his philosophy behind the Unity Temple
      had been expressed 5,000 years earlier.

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