Re: [-empyre-] next (robotic) steps

Hi Nicholas,
AI theory modelled on human cognition?
AI theory 'deregulated' and 'dumbed-down' as a result of symbolism and connectionism (dynamical systems theory included) - unresolved tension. 
I'm interested in exploring the symbolic computational model with an eye to how associations are expressed between symbols and sense experiences using CG, interactivity and media for visualization purposes.
The concept of distributed  representation (in the connectionist model) in which a concept is captured, not by a single symbol but by symbols spread throughout a single brain - eg. neural nets) is what I'm pursuing - multiple users introducing  complexity through simultaneous interactivity.
The brain IS a neural network but also (and more significantly) a symbolic processor at higher and more abstract levels.

>  Why use mimesis as a guiding principle in 
> robotic design instead of other principles and references, or are 
> they 
> by definition mimetic?

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