Re: RE: [-empyre-] next (robotic) steps

Given the physical limits to computation which is one of the threads of discussion  - take transducers, for example (in this case taking analog and making digital) which are based on video (light), infrared (heat), acoustics (sound), etc. The problem may be that better transducers need to be developed. Not better software, but better hardware. For example, it's possible with video that scene parsing or analysis should take place in the camer (electronics) rather than later in software.

> Moving from "world views" to interrelations, one can allow a robot 
> to do
> whatever it is required to overcome the limitations of the humans. 
> In this way
> we find what robots do that humans can't but base them not on what 
> we "perceive"
> or have retained in "knowledge" as human limits

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