Re: [-empyre-] Artists as internal mental sense organs

> continually  limited and conservative in our 
> representations of
> ourselves online in gaming and 3d worlds, and wandered from quantum
> computing, string theory and pre cognition as possible answers..

I think it's prety clear that we're moving from visualization to virtualization. At generation 7 of game engine design, moving solidly into Game AI for interactivity while also dealing with 3D and MPEG4 - the possibilities for inexpensive desktop work have finally become available. Virtualization (networked computing, grid computing, etc.) developing intelligent network is unfolding.

>  that until our physical means of
> computing changes from a sort of "cause and effect" model, to a 
> "being"model

Also, that the underlying info proc theory or philosophy of computation is what needs to be examined in order to get to virtualization.
The future network will be capable of multiple forms of intelligence.

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