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The Voices in my Head tell me that on 1/31/04 11:18 AM, jonCates at wrote:

> Nato.0+55
> ++ much (heated) discourse surrounding the reasons why one would choose one or
> the other. to [enter/engage] this discourse chk the
> Live Experimental Video

The LEV list is down until further notice. the ListMom said that is was to
move it to another server. This may be true, but that doesn't take but an
afternoon, and it's been gone for weeks. My personal theory is that the
nn/integer entity's continuous tirades

(too often written in fairly strict and unreadable 1337 with a faux Russian
accent and Eastern European grammar...)

 against cycling74 pretty much killed the list.* I have my doubts it will
ever resurface. nn/integer's main product, NATO, from, is
supposed to be very good and quite comparable to Jitter.

A much more useful and interesting list is the OxFF list.

It's very tech heavy - people discussing minutae of digital video
performance software programming - but it's a welcome relief from the
unrelenting and hysterical browbeating on the LevList from nn/integer's

> ++
> /55\

I was never on the 55 list, so I can't comment.

I would also suggest this programming environment is worth investigation:

best to all,


*Personally, I thought nn's writings in 1337 were fine when she was engaged
in poetic and insightful outbursts - those writings are actually quite
brilliant, and well worth reading. But the past year or so nn's been
completely obsessed with litigation against C74, and with the continuous ad
hominem attacks (on some people I consider personal friends), general rage
and blind anger, well, it just got old reeeeeally fast, and sank the

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