[-empyre-] Farewell Nick and Noah and New Media Reader and Jill

dear Empyre, 
The future has already arrived in the form of
February, while our avatar of the month, two faced
Janus, god of revolving doors, has gazed with equally
implacable cool, from one face, onto our love of
machines, computation and alien interface; and from
the other, onto our equal passion for communication,
habitat and interaction, and human agency...surely it
is in teh trajectory between them that we may find a
Janus-like New Media, as Terry Winogrand predicted for
a similar subject, the future of interactive design. 
Thanks from me personally and from all of us who
listened, lurked, spoke up and reflected on the very
generous contributions of Nick Montfort and Noah
Wardrip Fruin, co editors of The New Media Reader, out
now in bookstores and online from MIT Press (2003). It
was sad to realize that Jill Scott's illness
apparently prevented her participation, and perhaps,
at a more auspicious time, she can join us again.  

Farewell, and heartfelt thanks to Nick, Noah and all
of you for participating in what is really another
newmedia space, anyway...the interactive "interspace"
of empyrean ...



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