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>Some also call it a third mind (William Burroughs). When two people collaborate on any given project, a third mind is formed out of the merged focus of the two minds.

_The Third Mind_ is comprised of collaborations between Brion Gysin + William S. Burroughs (The Third Mind; Viking Press; 1978). _The Third Mind_ is a compilation of fragments, txts, experiments, etc that Gysin + Burroughs worked on @ various points during their friendship. naming Gysin, as well as Burroughs, is important b/c _The Third Mind_ was a compilation of collaborative efforts rather than being an individual project about collaboration.

-> on Gysin:

"Brion Gysin (January 19 ,1916 -July 13 ,1986 ) was a writer and painter.
He is best known for his rediscovery of Tristan Tzara's cut-up technique while cutting through a newspaper upon which he was trimming some mats. He did many experiments with cut-ups while living in Tangiers. He shared his discovery with his friend William S. Burroughs..."

-> on the ambiguity of authorship in rltn to The Third Mind:

"T: Who produced the "Poem of Poems" through the tape recorder? The text in The Third Mind is ambiguous.
B: I did. I made it to show Burroughs how, possibly, to use it. William did not yet have a tape recorder. First, I had "accidentally" used "pisspoor material,"fragments cut out of the press which I shored up to make new and original texts, unexpectedly. Then, William had used his own highly volatile material, his own inimitable texts which he submitted to cuts, unkind cuts, of the sort that Gregory Corso felt unacceptable to his own delicate "poesy." William was always the toughest of the lot. Nothing ever fazed him. So I suggested to William that we should use only the best, only the high-charged material: King James' translation of the Song of Songs of Solomon, Eliot's translation of Anabase by St. John Perse, Shakespeare's sugar'd Sonnets and a few lines from The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley about his mescaline experiences. "

>Quite different from the drugs experience.

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