Re: [-empyre-] third texts, third bodies, third minds

I think the thing is, though, that so many artistic (and intellectual)
collaborations get re-integrated socially and discursively into the model of
the couple. In the couple, one term usually becomes privileged over the other
(Deleuze over Guattari) or else it is only in the endless reflectiveness of the
couple and their acts that the outcome takes place (Ulay and Abramovic). Often
part of the couple then has to break free in order to work again. It's
necessary to constantly work against this recuperation perhaps by multiplying
collaborations with different people, by continuing to work outside them in
one's own space, and by hanging onto the passion generated in them rather than
losing oneself in the safety of their identity,

It's also often the case in art/technology based collaborative works that collaborators who appear to have more technical experience, and who often consequently contribute in a more 'practical' way, find it leads to their relegation later in the relationship as simply being a technician who facilitates production for the other 'thinking' collaborators.

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