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excuse my late insertion to the conversation
but speaking of third body collaborations ( although not web based) I immediately think of Gilbert and George.
Perhaps I am not correct, but theirs is a most symbiotic relationship and collaboration, theirs appears to have no hierarchical struggle.
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> Subject: [-empyre-] third texts, third bodies, third minds
> Hi,
> I wonder who's got experience with third texts or third bodies, that people
> 'create' when they collaborate. Some also call it a third mind (William
> Burroughs). When two people collaborate on any given project, a third mind
> is formed out of the merged focus of the two minds. Take this googled
> example:
> "... William Tyler Smith's The Third Mind, an incisive and engaging
> exploration of McClure and Manzarek's collaboration. Smith has struck a deft
> balance between the concert film and the documentary in which we can both
> enjoy McClure and Manzarek in performance and get to know how they feel
> about their collaboration. There are plenty of insights from other Beat era
> figures, including the late Allen Ginsberg, who sees their working together
> as "ripening of good karma."
> Diane Di Prima, quoting William Burroughs, remarks that a good collaboration
> results in a "third mind." Lawrence Ferlinghetti describes McClure's poetry
> as "a beautiful cry of the beast," and McClure's soaring poems celebrate the
> human spirit and express a fervent concern for the preservation of the
> environment. Of his widely varied accompaniment, Manzarek says that he
> combines "a little collision" -- i.e., occasional counterpoint -- with
> "making love to the words." The Third Mind has lots of energy and style,
> with its many participants sharp in their commentaries, and it is an
> altogether stimulating work. Ferlinghetti salutes McClure's sense of
> commitment, observing that "We can no longer afford art for art's sake.""
> What I like is the transformative aspect of the these 'third' terms,
> creating something something else. Quite different from the drugs
> experience. One can only guess the problematic part of such dreamy terms,
> but at least they open up spaces of imagination and show pretty exactly what
> happens if you passionately create something together.
> Geert
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