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Trebor Scholz <> wrote:
In the next few paragraphs I talk about post-modem situations of learning, open content initiatives and I
included a sketch for a "constitution of collaboration." I'm curious what your constitution of
collaborative work would look like.

right now, one view of the [collaborative/dynamic] shape of criticalartware can be seen in the nodemap:

"Nodemap is a demo to show how you can use LikML to reinterpret the relationships on liken . In this case, it's a semi-interactive global view of the linkages." - bensyverson (coreDeveloper of criticalartware, creator of liken + developer of Nodemap)
from: savegame 310

Nodemap utilizes our publicly-accessible XML file (which describes the [pathways/relationships] of liken). we determined early in the development of liken that we would find ways to [invite/encourage] [alternate/critical] [interpretations/visualizations] of liken's [pathways/relationships] + thereby of criticalartware itself. these [interpretations/visualizations] could function along any coordinates of the developers' choosing, such as skinning the application or hosting a detourned version of the platform.

Trebor Scholz <> wrote:
Open content initiatives include Wikis, Open Archive(.org), Open Law, and Open Video. Electronic logging
systems known as Wikis allow real time online editing of existing texts

when we developed liken, the new substructure of criticalartware, bensyverson took the Wiki concept + built a different approach called Likis. ben improved upon the Wiki concept w/Likis by creating a more automagical system for authoring [links/paths] through the growing network of shared resources that are available [in/on] criticalartware.

"So what is a Liki ? Likis are kind of like wikis; anyone can edit them, and they are highly interlinked with each other. Likis are different than Wiki s in that you don't have to use BumpyCaps to make a link -- if you write ' cybernetics is k-rad' in a Liki , it will automagically link to the cybernetics liki .
Why is that important? Because it means you don't have to consciously make links! You can just write, and the links will appear. "
"Furthermore, although only an editable document in Liken is called a Liki , any normal non-editable comment that you make on a node will be ' likified;' its text will automatically link up to likis." - bensyverson (coreDeveloper of criticalartware, creator of liken + author of likis)
from: savegame 148

"liken stores criticalartware's growing database of information, resources + discourse as a collection of self-connecting nodes that anyone can add to [+/or] comment on. the pathways connecting these nodes slowly change based on use; more popular paths grow stronger, while weaker paths fade away. these relationships are also described in a public XML file, making it possible for anyone to develop alternate [interfaces/interpretations] of liken's unique + ever-changing content + structure.
the paths that liken users follow can be [stored/reviewed/discussed], + affect the structure of the [application/platform] itself, creating a [literal/cybernetic] feedback loop in which less-used paths wither away, well-used paths are strengthened, + entirely new paths grow + crisscross recursively in response to discussion + new resources." -coreDevelopers of criticalartware
from: Subject: criticalartware_Version.3.1415926535

we are very excited about being able to release liken, after the past 2 yrs of development + planning. for those empyreans who are [interested/activated] by these [potentialities/concepts/communities/discourses] please feel welcomed to create a login + begin [contributing to/shaping] the shared resources of:
* <coreDeveloper>
* <>
* <>

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