[-empyre-] Opening remarks on new media history

Dear empyreans,

Thanks for the invitation to this softspace. I'm looking forward to our conversation this month.

In creating The New Media Reader, Nick and I were guided by four strong assumptions. Since the NMR's publication we've seen a variety of reactions to these assumptions, to what might be called the project's "unstated arguments." In brief, I would name our guiding assumptions as follows: (1) new media is a field, (2) new media has a history, (3) this history's record is print and digital, (4) this history matters. This month I'd be interested to talk with empyre people about these assumption/assertions, both in the context of The New Media Reader and more generally. For example, if this history matters, how does it matter, and in what context? Does work more than ten years old come to mind only when we construct our genealogies (e.g., for critical papers, when teaching), or does it also come into play in our daily construction and consideration of our current new media projects?


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