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Have not seen the url of The New Media Reader, edited by Noah and Nick on
empyre yet. Here it is: http://www.newmediareader.com

Check out the 'Book Contents', 'CD Contents', and 'Excerpts' sections. Very

What is at stake, do you think, in the notion of 'new media' constituting a


PS: Nick and Noah, you probably know this quote from Apollinaire:

"Typographical artifices worked out with great audacity have the advantage
of bringing to life a visual lyricism which was almost unknown before our
age. These artifices can still go much further and achieve the synthesis of
the arts, of music, painting, and literature ... One should not be
astonished if, with only the means they have now at their disposal, they set
themselves to preparing this new art (vaster than the plain art of words) in
which, like conductors of an orchestra of unbelievable scope they will have
at their disposal the entire world, its noises and its appearances, the
thought and language of man, song, dance, all the arts and all the
artifices, still more mirages than Morgane could summon up on the hill of
Gibel with which to compose the visible and unfolded book of the future....
Even if it is true that there is nothing new under the sun, the new spirit
does not refrain from discovering new profundities in all this that is not
new under the sun. Good sense is its guide, and this guide leads it into
corners, if not new, at least unknown. But is there nothing new under the
sun? It remains to be seen."
from "L'Esprit Nouveau et les Poetès" (1917)

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