RE: [-empyre-] Postscript to the Women,Art and Technology discussion

Thanks, Sue, and hello all. I have been lurking here since Sue told me
about the discussion of Judy's book. I've enjoyed hearing all of your views,
but have been, regrettably, too busy to join in. Suffice it to say that i
wish the day were upon us when we don't have to create separate
resources to ensure women are included in the big picture. Until that time,
however, _Women, Art and Technology_, 'Assemblage' and other
resources like them will continue to fill in the gaps.

Thanks for the dialogue -- i'm looking forward to reading this book.
Thanks for all of the hard labour in its vision and production, Judy.

Cheers and best for 2004.

Carolyn Guertin, PhD, Academic Technologies for Learning
TELUS Centre, Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta
Tel: 780-492-7270; FAX: 780-492-8200

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