[-empyre-] "New" media

Is it so important to discuss the word "New"? Certainly that in 2054 this
kind of media will not be new!

"Literature from here to 50 years nobody knows how will be. But will we have
Literature in 1996?" (Letters from Fernando Sabino to Clarice Lispector in 6
of July 1946 / SABINO, Fernando; LISPECTOR, Clarice. Cartas perto do
coração. Rio de Janeiro, Record, 2001.)

"I believe that  computers are spreading  new form  of reading and learning,
but still are unable of satisfy all the intellectual needs that provoke....
In my optimism moments, I imagine a new generation of the computer times
that obliged to read monitors screens, get a new form of reading, but
sometimes feels unsatisfied times, and comes back to another kind of
reading, less tense and with several goals." (ECO, Umberto, 1996,  From the
Internet to Gutemberg )

In 2004, I think that readers still has much difficulty to read on a screen
of the personal computer.
Why does it happen?
Which are the best way of publishing a text, a book, a poetry, a work of
We must do things in the same way we do when the support is the paper or the
These "new" media should work with image, sound, game, interactivity and to
awake much more intuition than reader's imagination or not?

"Let's study, with objectivity and curiosity, the mutation phenomenon of
forms and values in the current world. Let's be conscious of the fact that
although the tomorrow's world does not have any chance to become more fair
than any other, it owns a chance that is linked to the destiny of the
current art... that of embodying, in their works some forms of new beauty,
which  will be able to arise only from the meet  of all the techniques..."
(FRANCASTEL, Pierre. Art et technique aux XIX et XX e siècle. France,
Éditions de Minuit, 1956).

Regina Célia Pinto

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