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On 02/01/2004, at 6:04, Henry Warwick wrote:

Will what we call "New Media" be "New" in 20,000 years? Somehow, I doubt it.

Of course not! Neither is "the novel" or for that matter "le nouveau roman" of the fifties particicularly novel or new. The renaissance has a smack of "new" in it, too, don't you think, and how about new-classicism and modernism? Even the neolithic era is prefixed by new though I suppose the era must have been named well after the event.

Actually, if you start to think about it, new or a synonym is often added to a genre when the genre is about to die. Nouveau roman - well, we still have novels, of a sort, but the classic novel of Dickens or Flaubert is not entirely in vogue.

Perhaps we should call new media new media precisely because it will soon explode the idea of media?

Or perhaps not.

In any case, it's hardly a new and observably not a doomed idea to prefix a genre with "new". The knowledge that it won't stay new forever has not stopped us before.


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