RE: [-empyre-] "new"

> I think what a lot of 'new media' has in common is virtuality in one form
> or another - virtual art, information art, etc. But these are still
> exclusive.

What do you mean by 'virtuality'? Do you just mean that they are external
and separate from the body? All media are like that, 'new' or not.

> Programmable art seems highly limited to me, as does reliance
> on the computer.

I recall hearing of a 'computer' made out of tinker toys or mechano.
Programmability doesn't imply a box. Also, it's programmability that sets
computers apart from all previous machines. Programmability is sufficiently
flexible that there is no proof that the mind is anything more sophisticated
(as mechanism) than a programmable entity. In this view, programmability is
no more limited than the human mind.


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