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Hi Noah, Alan, Simon, Patrick et al,

This is my attempt at my New Years resolution to be more positive and helpful. For the record I'm tending to agree with Alan.

On Friday, January 2, 2004, at 09:50 AM, Kanarinka wrote:

Something that would be useful -- I would like somebody to compile a
book of "case studies" of realized new media projects, how they got
funding, who contributed (usually many more people than the solo
artist), critical commentary from artistic and technological
perspectives, etc. A well-compiled book would, I think, demonstrate the
amazing variety and hybridity of this "field", that any given "new
media" project leaks outside itself into many other well-established
domains and genres, and that there isn't and cannot be a single
conceivable "new media experience" or "new media format".

"Curating New Media" put out by BALTIC and CRUMB is a wonderful little book that attempts what you propose within a limited scope. I think some of it is online at the Crumb site ( or at The Baltic site ( It is comprised of mainly "post-1994" people like me.

There was a "Museums and the Internet" symposium in Salzburg in the late '90s that had a lot of the "pre-1994" people and a book was edited by Christiane Paul but I don't know if it ever was published. I don't think it would have much of what you're after though I remember learning a great deal between the panels about new media politics. I should have taken better notes at the time though there is a report on it I did for Intelligent Agent on that site (

There is "New Media Arts | New funding Models", a report from the Rockefeller Foundation in 2000 by Pamela Jennings available online:

And there is also the Art Dirt archives at the Walker Art Center where a number of us in NYC sat around and talked about the then current situation each week in front of microphones for web broadcasts. I don't think it's been indexed but it would be interesting to mine that sort of information from it. Personally I'm afraid to go back and listen to all the stupid things I said.

You're right. Such a book would be great.

Robbin Murphy

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