Re: [-empyre-] Opening remarks on new media history

Here, I agree with you - 'field' is relatively open, moreso than
discipline - and like a magnetic field, the boundaries are fuzzy,
if existent at all.

I still would like to think of 'field' as process, just as there is a
dynamics in relation to magnetic fields, propelled by movement of
nearby conductors. -

- Alan

On Sat, 3 Jan 2004, noah wardrip-fruin wrote:

> I think there are quite a few ways we can mean 'field' - from the
> magnetic through the place to graze and on through the
> over-constrained. I agree that we should resist attempts to create
> the sort of field that can answer the query, "What are the major
> research questions in your field?" At the same time, I think it would
> be good to have the kind of field that has arrayed a wide selection
> of resources, prior work, and open-ended questions - available to
> inspire those coming into the field, well-known enough for them to
> build upon.
> Noah
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