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On 06.01.04 18:41, "noah wardrip-fruin" <> wrote:

> If I might pose a question, I'd be interested to know what work from
> the history of new media (however we define the term) empyre folks
> have found particularly important - perhaps as you came into the
> field, or in a later stage of your work.
> Noah
There are numerous works across many different new media that are important.
To try to argue for just a few is only to discount the value of so many
other equally worthwhile contributions.

Rather than focus on individual works, which just plays into the hands of
those who seek to comodify art through reification of the object, it might
be more productive to look at processes, practices and methodologies that
have been established, whether individually or collectively, which have come
to be influential. In this instance individual works can then be seen as
illustrative rather than as paradigmatic.



Simon Biggs

Research Professor
Art and Design Research Centre
Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Senior Research Fellow
Computer Laboratory
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