Re: [-empyre-] pieces of history

There are numerous works across many different new media that are important.
To try to argue for just a few is only to discount the value of so many
other equally worthwhile contributions.

Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear. I didn't mean to suggest that the world should focus on only a few - but rather that each of us has an individual history of work that has influenced us, and I'd be interested to hear some of what has influenced individuals on the empyre list.

Personally, I think my first interactive media experience was with Hunt The Wumpus, my first solo programming experience was with an Apple II, the first software I purchased was from Infocom, and the first book that strongly influenced me in this area was Ted Nelson's _Computer Lib / Dream Machines_. As you can see, it's a list firmly rooted in the home computer era, and I think I developed a notion of new media that had work done on personal computers - or networked terminals - at its core. Only later, when I was exposed to the wider new media community, did I begin to have a better grasp of new media in other contexts (e.g., performance, ubiquitous computing).

I will certainly understand if others on the list aren't interested in this sort of discussion, but I thought I should clarify, given that I seem to have given Simon the wrong impression.


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