Re: [-empyre-] old discussion, and pieces of history

Hello friends ! Just my point of view to tribute singularly (as poïetic
contribution from art view) not scientifically.

Thema-anachronistic way of the actual times includes any references to
memory without order, a sort of post-queer semiotic extract from our
contemporary history out of time.

You know I can remember on creation in a splendid primitive numerical arts
as media and games on screens coming from Prague (an anticipation of every
tendency that we would see later), in sixties, as a true hope to freeness...
that was @ Montreal 1967 the international demonstration were Buckminster
Fuller built the American geodesic dome of which structure stays today as a
skeleton of sky. All the front of culture, letters and cinema were growing
in East and the west European countries received the best from East Europe,
even in sciences or in design. Every doors looked to be open more and more
forever... But just a year later in fact the spring of Prague would be
repressed. In 1969 I was going in Prague, Budapest, to meet friends who felt
enclosed as in a prison, Vienna, just for Xmas days... it was a sadness in
Prague. I tell it immediately because today the sky looks globally in a
darkness for autonomy and liberty citizen acts even left radical (something
would appear like a Stalinism return on ideas even in France a march to new
power coming from successive Althusserian ideas still alive) at the
beginning of the year ; but it could change so radically for the best of
people. All the contrary, we would be sure of that, I am in a confidence on
hazard selection and critical mass Ðbut they have to be helped in influence
from their best occurrences ?-)

Coming from theses fast years of post-modernity failure specially in
politics, I cannot understand how Utopia and the concept of the avant-garde
line in politics can be re-installed in greatness or a great quote today...
a millennium years of ideological progress of modernity where the beautiful
city of god would be the model of the socialist society of freedom,
equality, fraternity would prepare all its contrary on their material and
virtual realities evidences on earth. Anything on matter as a sort of
"radical evil" from virtual to material realities. Ends and means : the good
end justify any mean and so on... The project of the good city is quite an
integrate part of Utopia. The project of the end call anyone meaning to
succeed in this objective? But no : we could not accept that now. The pure
line, the pure reason, the pure environment and so on...: we want to delete
that. The just sense justifying the power of Experts on radical politics or
thoughts is coming from the old world that we would not accept to play
again. Today we know that our means integrate their ends that designs
ethically, exactly, the death of Utopia concept.

Sorry on that following parenthesis.

Just now on purpose, I would use Tarentino's manner without transition
between the most enlarge plan and the most  tightened plan (quote "kill
bill", the most oneiric film that Godard would dream to realize but he could
not because he could not transgress the rationalistic sense; what Tarentino
exactly does in fact from his genial singularity)... there is one info
concerning our next trans-move and trans-politic program @ batofar in Paris
( residency is one evening or night every two months),
that gives an occasion to tell on the radical position on art in the media

To-morrow January 8th-9th full night: performance Kiki & loulou picasso and
their collective group in free meta-media (spip system)
and coming guest artists as VJ/DJ critical creators.
Thematic : Mythology of the real time. This performance is associated with
our autumn-winter 2003-2004 heading online of (in the calendar "No utopia")
: Integral mythology of "medium is message" : mythology of the actual
(Photo-reporter John Lecrocheur adventure Ð integral serial UYS-English
version in Flash РEmma awards, Narrowcast,and FIFI winner in 2000) ;
mythology of the real time from material to virtual events: unregardmoderne
Live, copyleft ADaM-project online, and so on... Last performance was
completely on abstract in numerical cinema : Hikaru Fujii and Fabien Giraud
installations and the first one to Julie Morel from

        I shall say that on December 26th Yahoo-France has elected and
Best sites of the year 2003.

In fact, our partner unregardmoderne is a subjective but real and true
daily-news site informing bilingual on micro and macro events, local and
international selections as a criticism on Press-media and TV and using all
the News online (from Reuters to Yahoo). They quote links on their sources
respecting but ironically a symbolic tradition of the proof.

Their visitors count from 400 at least to 2000 all most surfers every day
(that is consequent front of the specific radical and caricaturist consensus
from a special artistic choose .giff as animation base Рa democratic system
to open the publication to young authors) in all the world, most anglophone.

They emerge from the collective "Bazooka graphism Resistance", punks No
future, whose iconography in Seventy was so famous through the radical move
from NYc (James White, saxophonist) to Moscow, as the punk music of English
rockers Sex pistols, Siouxie And The Banshees (one cover of the first
records is from their art-pencil)...

After they acted as graph-terrorists on old marble of the newspaper
Liberation (created by Maoists from New Resistance in 1970, as a democratic
front journal directed by Jean-Paul Sartre Ð leading editor Serge July) They
have invented before anyone the meta-journalism and info as art in an
editorial review (tittle "Un regard moderne") published after @ Liberation
Press and where they hold same time the editing direction and graphs

The accomplished form of their ideas would need hypermedia in real time for
a radical daily way, telling a story more collective. So they have created
it online in 2002, most authors and graphists are young. To publish is
opened : every one from everywhere can post icons respecting the program.
Loulou is the leading editor who decides at last.

Their first art was an organic deconstructive language associating the
current news in the Press and TV and history of the forms in pub and
communication of socialist and neo-realist modernity and their contemporary
left extreme in post-modernity.

The first deconstruction artists and authors on all modern avant-garde was
from Panik group in sixties (Cieslewicz, Topor, Jodorowski, Arrabal, Averty)
and multifield artists as William Klein (deconstruction of fashion
photo-report) and Guy Peellaert Ð deconstruction of pop-art, founders on the
post-modernity French-touch just before Goude and Mondino (post-68).

Sorry on my bad English-US.

Thanks to read my actual info would it be thema-anachronistic ;-)

Have a good day and evening and a good organic revolution year !


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