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On Wednesday, January 7, 2004, at 02:10 AM, Henry Warwick wrote:

When I was several years older, I would listen to Alison Steele on WNEW-FM

Yes, definitely "The Night Bird" as well as Vin Scelsa on the radio were big influences on me. And of course WFMU, which I'm listening to via iTunes while I type this in Florida. They were the commercial media offspring of John Cage and you can hear Steele's voice and image creation in Laurie Anderson's audio work. That all changed on the radio with Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh and media consolidation. But then they could also be considered new media, couldn't they? Does new media necessarily mean something positive?

Anderson along with William Burroughs, The Wooster Group, The Ontological Hysterical Theater, The Firesign Theater, The Whole Earth Catalog, Sol Lewitt, Jasper Johns, Robert Smithson, Robert Irwin, CBGBs (the list goes on) all helped set the stage for my first encounter with UNIX in the early 'eighties. I was working as a typesetter at night and painting during the day -- I don't remember sleeping -- and somehow UNIX made complete sense to me. I still find it endlessly fascinating. Maybe language is a virus after all.

Robbin Murphy

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