Re: [-empyre-] old discussion, and pieces of history

Dear Alan, just to answer on a possible misunderstanding.

If the multiculturalism that you have noticed was on my disconnected/
connected way to take place in the list, I understand that so far it could
appear in a zoom of a local content, same time it could be a problem for all
? and specially you who help for the best communication on the list. So I

This way was not an aggressive nor a stupid one, but a risk coming from a
poetic rupture, to design any enigmatic realities on which we cannot decide
anything in the global world ; the part of strange, the part of the fool in
a strange percept from the mail.

In any case, it is my own way of course... I could not do in another mode in
the global and unified consensual universe or in a phenomenological approach
telling from my own experience, direct and indirect experience, a
proposition to reflect another image of the questions online. As a research
on difference and singular multitude as tribute to relative decisions.

I remember that telling multitudes with "s" one mean plural as masses of
classes, while telling multitude without "s" one mean singular in several
occurrences of the largest mass, a global move of differences with a
sensitive and cognitive consensus but not rationalist nor an adhesion to a
special theory or cause. I mean on feelings that can appear and disappear so
fast than a critical mass effects in physics or epidemics.

Or it would be impossible to imagine that contradictory masses walking in
unity against the Iraqi war through the world, while they stay from several
positions that could not be consensual on religions, nor politics for there.

That is cultural or multicultural in fact appears far from the question of
decision. It is an event happening or not happening and then we have to
memory as a crib.

Here I re-approach the thematic in discussion that I have infiltrated. And I
apologize again front of the interlocutors of this curse if they would take
shade of my last mail.

Aliette G.

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> Objet : Re: [-empyre-] old discussion,  and pieces of history
> Just want to add here that all of this discussion of works and histories
> only points to the problematic of new media as a category once again -
> people come from avant-garde or experimental music, electronics,
> electrics, performance, film, video, writing, and so forth - and these
> elements may or may not be combined, programmed, etc.
> We're not even considering multiculturalisms here - which are often
> content- and not media-driven.
> - Alan
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