RE: [-empyre-] pieces of history

As one of the lurkers on the list, perhaps I should very briefly introduce myself. I work with Patrick Simons as Glorious Ninth, making net art.  I run the MA Interactive Art & Design programme at Falmouth College of Arts in Cornwall, UK, where I am also the research cluster leader in Interactive Art and Design.

I would say that I am most interested in and influenced by work, in whatever discipline, that explores all sorts of systems and networks. I am also interested in devices, machines, artefacts, processes etc. that facilitate my exploration of systems and networks.

A list of my influences today includes dada; Peter Burger's 'Theory of the Avant Garde'; punk, alternative spaces for exhibiting art; club visuals; community arts, audience participation, user interaction; interactivity and change; Meredith Monk, John Cage, Robert Rauschenberg, Jean Michel Basquiat; Griselda Pollock, Fred Orton, 'New Art History'; Marx, Bertell Ollman, dialectical method; methodologies used in information systems design; different ways of 'knowing', feminist researchers in social science, such as Anne Oakley; Bill Livant's very short article 'The Hole in Hegel's Bagel'; Richard Levin's 'Dialectics and Systems Theory'; the 1996 Visual Culture questionnaire from the journal October; networks, Manuel Castells; feminist and Marxist critiques of creativity, studies of creativity within psychology. theories of the 'information society', Frank Webster, Kevin Robins, Paschal Preston, Ellen Meiksins Wood, Herbert I.Schiller;

Kate Southworth

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