Re: [-empyre-] old discu[rsive]ssion + portents of history

At 08:15 PM 8/01/2004, cpr wrote:
What I am beginning to sense from some participating in this on-line
discussion is a subtle posture of covert defensiveness in regard to the construction ( if necessary at all ) of this term: New Media.

hiya cpr + all empryians.

i agree with this, cpr. i've also been a trifle unezy with the way certain threads have tended to focus on _"_ new media _/"_ as an over-arching n.clusive field [despite the attempts 2 offer partially disjunctive definitions]. i have, howeva, only had the time 2 briefly scan certain topics so mebbe have missed much....i must admit 2 being more n.terested in the current breakdown thread in terms of influences that is now just occurring.....

In direct answer to Nick's ? of Alan - Not at all.

What it does point to is rather a rehashing of cultural and techno-cultural
histories and discourses which have been bandied about since the '60's in a number of various disciplines and communities, ranging from the visual arts, experimental media, to identity politics/representations ( hush that one up, quickly!) and the newly re-inscribed ( and, of course, funded) science-art collaborative partnerships.

....y do u think, cpr, that this is? is the threat of deracination that l[arge]ooming?

i guess i somewot resign myself to the perpetual communication ethic that is displayed + ratified via email discussions like these, that tend 2 have an almost n.built tendency to derail the potential for expanding [+ hence end up stained with reductionististic overcasts] any presentation of genre_structures thru the need 2
a) m.bed them in[2] a historical framework/grounding, no matter how loosely d.fined +
b) draw threads 2wards analytical reasoning rather then n.courage communication methods||fractures that r utilised by the medium itself [echos of print-based culture, any1?;)]........

[d|n.duction via m.plied confliction/competition of sub(e)jective dia-as opposed 2 multi-logue connexion(s)]
[m.ploy covertly_engineered friction minus the screech of troll-baiting + then mask the conflict rub as theorised learning curves]
[non_spiral data adoption + edge 2wards genre-formulations thru the predicated rather than anomalous media x.tensions].

cheers, mez

.(c)[lick]. - -

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