Re: [-empyre-] 'new media' -> future

Henry your comments about the post-digital in music(via Cascone) are also
complemented by post-digital painting
(see the blurb for an exhibition on this at
>As I think any consideration of New Media should include things outside the
>computer, while Nick sees New Media and the computer as one and the same.
>Another reason I am very itchy about this Computer==New Media is this:
>Kim Cascone gave a paper at a conference (where I also gave a paper) in
>October 2001 in Vancouver Canada, where he pointed out that since all music
>is basically digital at this point (even if only in distribution), there is
>no point in discussing digital music. This puts us in a post-digital
the 2 uses I think aren't the same in that Cascone also rightly points to
the way in which post-digital music uses DSPs to get at something which
technologies usually like to seamlessly glide over - ie the accidents,
noise and failure of those very technologies.

Whereas the idea of post-digial in painting seems to be more - painting
after the ubiquity of the computer.

And yet, interestingly, both point to a kind of acceptance of computation
and a move outside of or towards differentiation within the computational...
cheers anna

all bodies are in a perpetual flux like rivers, and parts are entering into
them and passing out of them continuously.

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