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I am (re)sending this post which I had originally sent early this morning in
response to Nick's post yesterday.  Even now, it seems dated as the activity
on the discussion list on the past 24hrs. gives credence to the need for
ongoing discussion.  Rest assured that my intention is not to belabor points
- just to clear.  Thanks for your patience.


- Hi once again....

Nick, I must admit that your last email has given me pause, to be sure.
I understand Christine's motivation to move on to a less charged topic, as
this can ( and should ) continue. However, an imperative is raised by this
recent provocative discussion addressing the formation, development and
permutations of this field.  This discipline needs to be freely and openly
discussed - as well as seriously considered - as we are all doing. We don't
need to to resign ourselves to the "perpetual communication ethic that is
displayed and ratified via email discussions." (mez) These issues insist on
being debated ? and not solely within the reified context of academic

Rest assured that this field that you are a part of is a field of which,
arguably, everyone participating in the list is also a part - in one sense
or another or perhaps through a multiplicy of roles. Your presumption that
we are not is perplexing, and bears witness to issues raised in earlier
emails, such as some cogent points raised by Mez's - not the least being her
? re: the threat of deracination...which now seems oddly presicient.

In my review of past posts ( which is by no means exhaustive) the claims to
which you refer can't be located ? and I don't believe would ever be levied.
Perhaps this was an unfortunate misunderstanding.

Clearly, this is a contested and dynamic space ? and a necessary one to this
nascent field. But I have to say that I, like Henry, I find the myopia of
this term, New Media - as you have defined it - problematic.


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