Re: [-empyre-] pieces of history

Sorry I've not stayed in the loop on this discussion. It is a busy period
for me so as I am not able to respond to things adequately I choose not to
respond at all.

Later I hope.

On 10.01.04 18:17, "Steve Dietz" <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Great discussion. I know I'm a week late with a response to Simon, but it's
> been gnawing at me, and I think it relates to ongoing discussion about new
> media qua field/discipline.
> Simon wrote:
>> Rather than focus on individual works, which just plays into the hands of
>> those who seek to comodify art through reification of the object, it might
>> be more productive to look at processes, practices and methodologies that
>> have been established, whether individually or collectively, which have come
>> to be influential. In this instance individual works can then be seen as
>> illustrative rather than as paradigmatic.



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