[-empyre-] the book

Just want to say that the contents of the book look excellent! I've
already read some of the articles in other places of course. What's
interesting to me is the breadth of the book - which is much broader, I
think than the discussion here has indicated. I'm particularly glad to see
anything from the Wingrad/Flores book reproduced - it's always been one of
my favorite -

It's hard, on this list, to deal with books, anthologies, etc., that
aren't present. For me, the new media book seems really exciting.

One other book, in conjunction - only because I found another copy at the
Salvation Army! - is Benedikt's Cyberspace: First Steps.

I'm curious what books have influenced people here?

Also want to mention something called the Internet Handbook from the early
90s - it was my first guide to the technical aspects of things, and had
articles by Barry Wellman, Cerf, and others.

And glad to see that Tim Bernars-Lee is getting the knighthood!

Also - there are Ted Nelson selections; what could be better?

- for me, just to end this choppy email - theory has moved well into these
areas; it's a lot more interesting to read, say, Lessig, than Foucault at
this point (only speaking for myself), and Deleuze/Guattari already seem a
bit ossified.

On the other hand, there's Sartre's discussion of seriality and the hit
parade in Critique of Dialectical Reason - which relates directly to
online - so who knows?

Now onto Shaviro's Connected -


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