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Hello again,

I must echo Alan's praise of NMR. I bought the book last year as soon as I 
could and was so relieved when it arrived. I had been reading a lot of anti-tech
writing (Sven Birkerts and the like) at the time and, being the only student
researching new media writing in my department felt quite isolated. As soon as 
it arrived I was overcome with relief. And then yesterday, as i quickly glanced 
over it again I was pleasantly surprised to find a Scott McCloud excerpt  
(since I'm reviewing an interactive comic at the moment). So convenient!


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> Just want to say that the contents of the book look excellent! I've
> already read some of the articles in other places of course. What's
> interesting to me is the breadth of the book - which is much broader, I
> think than the discussion here has indicated. I'm particularly glad to see
> anything from the Wingrad/Flores book reproduced - it's always been one of
> my favorite -
> It's hard, on this list, to deal with books, anthologies, etc., that
> aren't present. For me, the new media book seems really exciting.
> One other book, in conjunction - only because I found another copy at the
> Salvation Army! - is Benedikt's Cyberspace: First Steps.
> I'm curious what books have influenced people here?
> Also want to mention something called the Internet Handbook from the early
> 90s - it was my first guide to the technical aspects of things, and had
> articles by Barry Wellman, Cerf, and others.
> And glad to see that Tim Bernars-Lee is getting the knighthood!
> Also - there are Ted Nelson selections; what could be better?
> - for me, just to end this choppy email - theory has moved well into these
> areas; it's a lot more interesting to read, say, Lessig, than Foucault at
> this point (only speaking for myself), and Deleuze/Guattari already seem a
> bit ossified.
> On the other hand, there's Sartre's discussion of seriality and the hit
> parade in Critique of Dialectical Reason - which relates directly to
> online - so who knows?
> Now onto Shaviro's Connected -
> Alan
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