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At 6:29 PM -0500 12/1/04, Alan Sondheim wrote:
Just want to say that the contents of the book look excellent! I've
already read some of the articles in other places of course. What's
interesting to me is the breadth of the book - which is much broader, I
think than the discussion here has indicated. I'm particularly glad to see
anything from the Wingrad/Flores book reproduced - it's always been one of
my favorite -

Thanks Alan. I think it's true that Nick and I haven't done enough here on the list to be clear about the breadth of work we tried to include in the project.

Also, I realize that in my last message I should have named the project's advisors. They really were invaluable. Some contributed most during the NYU Press stage, and others became involved more during the MIT Press stage. Their names are: Espen Aarseth, Mark Bernstein, Chris Bregler, Edward Fox, Cynthia Goodman, Carolyn Guyer, Terry Harpold, N. Katherine Hayles, Carol Hutchins, Henry Jenkins, Carl Machover, Stuart Moulthrop, Christiane Paul, Ken Perlin, Edward A. Shanken, Herman Tavani, Gregory Ulmer, and Adrianne Wortzel.

I'm curious what books have influenced people here?

Well, as I wrote before, Nelson's _Computer Lib / Dream Machines_ was the first book on new media that had a big impact on me. Also, like Nick, I've found the Oulipo's work an important influence - Georges Perec's _Life A User's Manual_ in particular, and on the more critical end Warren Motte's _Oulipo: A Primer of Potential Literature_. Of course, many of the things in the NMR are there in part because of how powerfully they struck me when I first encountered them.


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