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On 13/01/2004, at 9:03 PM, Jim Andrews wrote:

Does 'new media' as you and Noah conceive it involve a different relation
between technological innovation and art? Or is the relation between
technological innovation and art in computing-based new media the same as
the relation between technical innovation and art in more traditional art?

I would wonder out aloud about the fussiness or the fuzziness of the distinctions that are being drawn. In painting you can ground your own pigments, or just buy a tube of the stuff. You could make your own brushes, I suppose make your own canvas (at least preparing it is pretty standard), and so on. You could sketch the work first, you could paint directly onto board, prepared or otherwise. In each case we have painting. The distinction for me would not be who made what and how, but the distinction between naif and others.

This distinction is not perhaps easy to draw, but I think the uses made is more significant than the 'authenticity' of the materials (I appreciate this is *not* the distinction you're making Jim).

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