Re: [-empyre-] Isolated new media researchers

Chris said:

>Does anyone share this perception that there is space for better 
communicational infrastructures for new media researchers and 
practitioners in Australia?

just a personal observation--if I were just a postgrad student in new
media I would be very isolated. evidence: first, I moved from Adelaide
to Melbourne, because I simply couldn't do a PhD in Adelaide in
networked/new media. Second, I went to an Australia-wide postgrad
conference last year at which I was the only presenter to present on
networked/new media. third, I have no real circle of postgrad colleagues
in Melbourne researching in new media.

It is only because of other things I do that I am not isolated. I really
don't know how such a person would cope.

I don't know what the answer is; i'm not sure that joining a list is a
sufficient solution.


Jenny Weight
School of Applied Communication, RMIT
+61 03 9925 3121

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