RE: [-empyre-] ~~NMR

Should I expect to see in the history books that 'x did a very nice Flash
piece'? Or 'y did a very nice hypertext.' Or 'z did a very nice Shockwave
piece.' Or 'q wrote some very nice email poems.' Or 't did a very nice

Or does it mean something else to be deeply innovative in new media? This is
the sort of fussy question I am trying to get at.

Somewhere on your NMR web site I read that the texts and CD in the NMR
express ideas that came into the public sphere with the World Wide Web.

If the NMR is a kind of history of the digital paradigms of communication up
to the WWW, then will the history of the WWW as we currently know it be
phrased in terms of a similar emphasis on innovation in the forms or
paradigms of communication, as opposed to basically expressions of content
within pre-defined forms?

I am asking, not pronouncing.

This is the sort of question I was trying to phrase in asking 'How do you
conceive of the role of technological innovation in
computing-based new media?'


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