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When I taught NM, I based it (intro and intermediate) on already-existing
programs - Gimp, Photoshop, Blender, FinalCut, Premier, some simple Mac
things, etc. But I also taught a wider field, including performance, etc.
- a number of students were doing VJ work in the Miami clubs, and one of
them was doing documented performance work as well. So there was a
tremendous mix. If we had gone the computer science route, I think that at
least these students would have lost interest; for one thing, the NM area
was in the art department, and there's a considerable amount of dyslexia
present - for another, many of the students came to NM, not from hacking
or an intrinsic interest in computers, but in an interest in the visual,
installation, etc. etc. I think there are numerous approaches to NM, and
one based on CS, even on an intro level, would leave a lot of students
behind or uninterested (a statistic I've heard repeatedly and can confirm
with my own teaching is that 25% of art students have some form of
dyslexia). - Alan
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