Re: [-empyre-] Welcome Jill Scott

I, for one, would just like to say that I am thrilled to have an opportunity
to hear from and talk to Jill Scott. I am an enormous fan of her prophetic


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> Dear list,
> Contributions to the discussion on The New Media Reader have been very
> plentiful and exciting.  All of you help make -empyre- the cogent space for
> real debate and exchange about media culture that it is. My thanks to
> everyone including lurkers for being inside the soft skinned space.
> Meanwhile today it's time to re-introduce Jill Scott.  Jill had asked us if
> she might be more active on the list after the middle of the month.  Here is
> a bit of cut and paste from her opening remarks and her biography.
> Discussion of The New Media Reader isn't over, though.  Nick and Noah will
> still be on for the rest of January.  It would be great to be able to
> interface NMR with Jill's outlook and book, Coded Characters (Hatje Catze,
> 2003).
> Perhaps a good place to start connecting all these constellations of ideas
> is to ask about how  - as Jill puts it --
>>>> perceptions of time, space, object, body and the represented character,
>>> can
>>>> be more influenced by the discoveries and ethics of science, than by
>>>> advances in technology itself. How will Media Art be effected by these
>>>> influences? How might explorations into natural and cognitive sciences
>>>> serve to further shift our definitions of Media art and body, as well as
>>>> our representations, audience roles and interactive responses?
> Welcome, Jill, to our conversation with Nick, Noah and the list.
> Christina

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