[-empyre-] Important work from the the history of new media?

Dear empyreans

Our thanks to Noah Wardrip-Fruin for bringing up lots of detail as well as
sort of a broad urbane smile to the conversation. We will miss your sunny
presence and hope that all goes well.

I'd like to steal Noah's question again and put it to all of you again:

> If I might pose a question, I'd be interested to know what work from
> the history of new media (however we define the term) empyre folks
> have found particularly important - perhaps as you came into the
> field, or in a later stage of your work.



Nick wrote: 

> Noah emailed me quickly; A family medical emergency
> has come up for him.
> He regrets that he can't continue the conversation
> right now, but he
> thanks everyone for the conversation so far and will
> be back by the end of
> the month if possible.

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