[-empyre-] Forward from Jill Scott: Mediated technology and art/science research

Dear empyre,

Jill has asked me to forward some topics to you as she is recuperating from

>> 1. Scientific Research in the book "Coded Characters" by Jill Scott,
>> largely falls into three categories
>> a. Mediated technology itself. The history of the implications of media
>> including its analog, digital and computational evolution. In regards to
>> these evolution and particularly in relation to interaction and interface.
>> Do people feel that media art has a future-if so where could this future be
>> showcased? Could artistic research in these fields ever be taken seriously
>> as scientific research?
  Jill has asked that perhaps you (the list) can post remarks in response to
some of these questions and then she will respond.

Thanks to all,

Transmedia artist


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