[-empyre-] rethinking art&science

regarding the question of future scenarios to showcase (media) art I came across a couple of lines by Paul Virilio, in "Ground Zero" (Verso, 2002):

"In keeping with the criteria prevailing in the electro-optical economy, this new art could in future be regarded as a "service to society" and these artists, by being admitted to the status of researchers, could be sponsored by multinationals for two or three years with an obligation to publish - exactly, we are told, as happens in the scientific world."

(Virilio partially quotes from an article by Michel Nuridsany in 'Le Figaro', 8.11.2000)

an interesting prospect, isn't it?


"The great technological events may change our lives but they will not create a new form of art. They may create a generation of art critics who will tell us: 'This is art!' "
(Orson Welles)

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