[-empyre-] preparing to bak.jump...

as i have been emeshed in various "new media" [activities/efforts] this month + working under strict deadlines, i have been unable to participate in the conversation until now, but will attempt to jump in w/a few bak.jump(s) while time remains for [discussion/participation].
i purchased the NMR as soon as possible once it was available + am excited about the opportunity to discuss the work + themes w/those who were involved + the participating empyreans [+/or] join the trailing edges of the threads that have been woven here. the NMR is a wonderful [academic/historical] resource + in particular i deeply appreciate the inclusion of the media on the accompanying CD. previously, it was difficult to access or find the media which is included. the task of [arranging/securing/organizing] this publication must have been difficult + the result is wonderful.
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# http://www.criticalartware.net
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# School of the Art Institute of Chicago

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