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Anna Munster <A.Munster@unsw.edu.au> wrote
Subject: Re: [-empyre-] Words and borders
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 14:01:14 +1100
>where is the cultural and political analysis of laptop music,

as many of you know, 01 src for such analysis + activity is:


in particular .microsound is an active [list/platform] b/c it also functions through the projects that are organized onList, carried out by list members + then made available via the uri above. this kind of discursive theorypraxis is very appealing as a form of webcentric community.

>I'm not saying this analysis does not take place but that it tends to circulate in online spaces themselves, as blog posts, journal articles, people's sites -


>and disappear almost as quickly as it appears.

.microsound for one is not currently centrally archived, only individually by those that subscribe. such as,
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