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>>> where is the cultural and political analysis of laptop music,

Here's a short database so far, organised for microsound list on 10.22.03:

[pasted below]

>>> I'm not saying this analysis does not take place but that it tends
>> to circulate in online spaces themselves, as blog posts, journal
>> articles, people's sites -

Also The Wire and e/I magazines [ ; the latter of which
I write for, column Immediatism, which has specifically delved into these

Also from Glenn Bach:

'The month of August 2003 featured a discussion on microsound, with guest
panelists Tobias, Trace Reddell, John Hudak, John Kannenberg, and myself. '

There are also occasional pieces by various writers including myself on:
[ ]


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Lazy places -- everything here:

    -Parachute 107 (journal)
    -also everything by Francisco Lopez on his website, Terre Thaemlitz ..
    -the new Mille Plateaux _Sound Cultures_ book
    -check out the new _Post-Subcultures Reader_ coming out on Berg Press
    -the new _sound generation_ book coming out on Autonomedia this year

// .. here's an incomplete list of other stuff -- I'd appreciate any
additions to these ranks -- please share!

Andrews, Ian. "Post-digital aesthetics and the return to Modernism."

Ashline, William. "Clicky Aesthetics: Deleuze, Headphonics, and the
    Minimalist Assemblage of 'Aberrations.'" Strategies: Journal of Theory,
    Culture, Politics 15.1 (2002): 87-104.

Betancourt, Michael.  "Disruptive Technology: The Avant-Gardness of
    Avant-Garde Art."  (

Cascone, Kim. 

--. "The Microsound Scene: An Interview with Kim Cascone" by Jeremy Turner.
    Ctheory A101 (12/4/2001):

--. "The Aesthetics of Failure: 'Post-Digital' Tendencies in Contemporary
    Computer Music." Computer Music Journal, 24:4 Winter 2000, pp. 12-18.
--. "Deleuze and Contemporary Electronic Music." Intersects: between the
    disciplines, 1 (1), December 2001. Online only.
--. "Grain, Sequence, System. (three levels of reception in the performance
    of laptop music)." Ms. Forthcoming from Mille Plateaux.

--. Laptop Music?Counterfeiting Aura in the Age of Infinite Reproduction."
    Parachute: electrosons_electrosounds 107 (2002): 52-60.

Chapman, Owen and Anna Friz. "Too Big for their Beats? Questions for the
    Microsound Revolution." Graduate Researcher: Journal For the Arts,
    Sciences, and Technology 1.2 (2003). (With accompanying audio CD).

Hecker, Tim. "Sound and the 'Victorious Realm of Electricity.'" Parachute:
    electrosons_electrosounds, 107, 2002. pp. 60-68.

Pepperell, Robert and Michael Punt.  _The Postdigital Membrane:
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Reynolds, Simon. "Low End Theory." The Wire 146 (4/96).

Sangild, Torben. "Glitch - the Beauty of Malfunction" in the anthology _Bad
    Music_, Routledge (to be published) spring 2004.

--, "Sensitive Electronics" in the anthology _Look at the
    Music/SeeSound_, October 2002 by The Museum of Contemporary Art in

Szepanksi, Achim. "Digital Music and Media Theory." Parachute 107 (2002):

vanHanen, Janne. "Loving the Ghost in the Machine: Aesthetics of
    Interruption." Ctheory A099 (11/26/2001):

--. "Neuro-Transmit Me These Empty Sounds: An Interview with Janne vanHanen"
    by Jeremy Turner. Ctheory A102 (12/4/2001):

van Veen, tobias c.

*[apologies here; I've limited it just to relevant & more recent
publications .. ]:

--. "2001: Of the Jetone." Discorder November (2001).

--. The 2003-2004 Canadian Electronic Music Directory. Montréal: AEMusic,
    Heritage Canada and the Department of Foreign Affairs, 2003.

--. "A Fine Marriage of Madness and the Margins at Mutek 2002." The Wire.
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--. "Bleeps in the Heart of the Beast?Mutek 2002 in Montréal." Discorder
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--, with Lucinda Catchlove and Colin Arason. ³Cities of Glass: The History
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--, "Cities of Glass: Part Two (Vancouver)." e|I 3 (2004).

--. "Digital DJing: Richie Hawtin and (the) Final Scratch." Discorder
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--. "From the Mole to the Molar: Dirt, Decks, and Dub." Discorder November

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--. "Immediatism" [3]. e|I 3 (2004).

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    accompanying audio CD).

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    Question of Technology in Experimental Music and Performance." UAAC
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--. ³Laptop Libido on Rewind?Mutek to Sonar 2003.² Discorder October (2003)
    and <>.

--. "Mutek 2001." Discorder August (2001).

--. "[Mutek] 2003." June (2003):

--. "Safety Scissors, Loscil, a refrigerator, and a waiter." Discorder
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